Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Zalingei is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and scientific research at the highest levels of excellence, nationally and regionally. The University of Zalingei is committed to working in information technology and sustainable development within the context of the national values.

Strategic Goals

The University of Zalingei works in harmony with the general policy of the State and according to the developed and adopted programmes by the National Council of the High Education and Scientific Research, in order to achieve the following goals:

  1. Sustain and disseminate high quality education that serves and develops the country intellectually and economically.

  2. Strengthening and institutionalizing the Sudanese national identity through the curricula approved and applied by the university.

  3. Undertake Scientific and applied researches, in response to the development and capacity building needs of the community.

  4. Expand and promote the use of new technologies to serve the Sudanese community in collaboration with the other scholarly and research institutes in the country.

  5. Promote environmental protection awareness.

  6. Enhance the general awareness at all levels of the community.

  7. Engage with the community and seek positive solutions for community concerns.

  8. Promote the human resources development, in order to protect the ethical and spiritual values of the community against malicious factors.

  9. Develop graduates with strong scholarly standards, this includes: Diploma Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Masters and PhDs in various field.