Faculty of Forestry

Sudan has great natural resources for most of its part, especially in Darfur region. Natural resources have been misused in most of these areas because of the increasing needs of human beings and sometimes these resources have been depleted by wars, conflicts and the remaining natural resources available in areas its hard-to-reach them. Therefore, all natural resources faculties have been moving to the Jebel Marra area to train their students on various activities in forests, range and wildlife because there are no forests that include ranges and wildlife near the faculty sites.
The establishment of the Faculty of Forestry at the University is necessity to achieve the needed objectives, namely:-
1- Training, rehabilitation and preparation of students in the field of forests, ranges and wildlife at the level of Bachelor, Master and doctorate.
2 - Conduct researches and studies in the field of forests, range and wildlife.
3- Organize continuous training in forest, range and wildlife workers.
4- Disseminate awareness among the citizens.