faculty of Agriculture

Dean of the Faculty

The faculty of agriculture was one of the faculties of University of first September 1992 in El Fasher, and then transferred to Zalingei, where its headquarters is located. In 1994, the University of Zalingei was founded and the faculty of agriculture is its first nucleus. The period of study in the faculty is five years, which student receives a Bachelor of Science degree (honour) of agriculture in the following specializations:
Crop sciences, Crop protection, Animal production, Agricultural economics, horticulture, agricultural engineering, agricultural extension and rural development.
The Faculty has eight sections:
1 / Crop Science 2 / Crop Protection 3 / Animal Production 4 / Agricultural Economics 5 / Horticulture 6 / Agricultural Engineering 7 / Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 8 / Basic Sciences.
The specialization begins from semester seven.