Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific

Dean Faculty

The Faculty was established in 2006 to achieve the following objectives:
1. Achieving the general objectives of the university which is stipulated in the act.

  1. Awarding postgraduate degrees (Higher Diploma, Masters, and Doctorate).

  2. Introducing various graduate programs through courses, supplementary research, and by searching only to balance between the need of Sudan and to update with progressed world.

  3. Development of the University's policy in the field of graduate studies and research training.

  4. Raise the level of scientific performance in the university.

    6. Encouraging the employees of the university and the various state institutions for the high qualification which contributes to the development of the country needs in various fields.

The administrative structure :
Faculty Council, Dean, Vice Dean for Scientific Research, principal Dean, Faculty Registrar, Assistants Registrar, Secretariat.