Administration of Scientific Research

Administration Director

The administration was established in 2015 to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Encouraging scientific research at the university.

    2. Create and disseminate appropriate environment for research.

    3. Building research capacity for teaching staff and technicians at the university.

    4. Publication of scientific journals in the university and help researchers for publication.

    5. Coordinate with research bodies to conduct joint research.

    6. Encourage and work to find fund for joint research.

Journal of Zalingei University of Applied Sciences and Arts

It's a scientific refereed journal issued by the Administration of Scientific Research.

The objectives of the Journal are:

- Encouraging, supporting and publishing the results of scientific research according to the conditions of the Journal.
- Building a bridge of scientific communication between scientists and specialists in their different fields.

The administrative structure:

The administration of Scientific Research consists of the following departments:

  • Department of research
  • department of Publications
  • department  of Statistics and Information.