Academic Affairs

Inception & Development

The University of Zalingei is one of the governmental universities, with a national orientation in terms of vision, mission and goals. Founded in1994 in Zalingei, the capital of Central Darfur State, the University of Zalingei until April 2015 used to operate a number of faculties and centres across both States of Central and West Darfur. However, after the inception of the University of Elgineina, the activities of the University of Zalingei are now confined to Central Darfur State. Under this status quo, a number of the university faculties and centres have been annexed to the University of Elgineina, such as: Faculty of Economics and Social Studies, Faculty of Education (Basic-level Education), Faculty of Technology (Elgineina Branch), Faculty of Applied Heath Science, Faculty of Community Development (Elgineina Branch), and Centre for Peace and Development Studies (Elgineina Branch).

The University of Zalingei is formed from a number of faculties, centres, institutes and units as follows: Faculty of Agriculture - the oldest college which then affiliated to the formerly 1srt September of AL Fatih University and the nucleus from which grew the Faculty of Education (Basic-level Education), the Faculty of Education (Secondary-level Education), the Institute of the Holy Quran and Islamic culture , Faculty of Technology (Diploma Degrees), Faculty of Community Development (concerned with the development of rural and urban communities), Faculty of Forestry Science, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Science, Institute for Peace and Development Studies, Evaluation and Accreditation Unit, Jebel Marra Institute for Research and African Studies, Institute of the Holy Quran and the origination of Science, Centre for Environment and Transfer of Technology, Strategic Planning Unit, Centre of Information, Public Relations and Media Administration, Administration of Scientific Research, Administration of External Relations, and  General Services Administration.Being regionally and internationally recognized, the University of Zalingei is a notable scholarly centre of learning, teaching, research and community development.