student affairs

Dean of Deanship of Student Affairs

Dear Students of University of Zalingei 

In support of the missions of the University, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Uof Z seeks to develop and improve its performance, in order to reach you and deliver to you service which is effective, efficient, and most importantly, excellent.  The Deanship of Students Affairs, through a range of programs and services, advocates for student needs and provides coordination, services, and support for co-curricular programs, so as to help cultivate and develop the community, individual growth, leadership, and aims to promote the success and wellness of every Uof Z student. Life at Uof Z involves more than merely obtaining a degree. There are many exciting and challenging opportunities, such as community service, extra-curricular activities, and social engagements that promote academic interest. The Deanship of Student Affairs is committed to building a community. We are an educational organization that creates engaging environments and programs in order to transform the process of student learning. We promote a caring and safe community that nurtures our students' abilities, thereby enabling our students to learn, and make smart choices. We promote inclusiveness, support the growth and success of all students, and seek to enrich the student experience. Uof Z graduates leave the university equipped with lifelong skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, leadership, and cooperation.

In its new form, the Deanship of Student Affairs establishes for itself a new culture mission of "students first", bearing in mind openness to all university departments and faculties, and a development of services provided to you electronically, through our departments and offices. Furthermore, a variety of activities exist to continue our vision of innovation. These activities include local, regional, and international competitions, artistic, cultural, and social activities, as well as sports. Through this diverse set of activities, we are able to create a balanced environment, which combines outstanding academic achievement and creativity, skills deemed necessary for success in the labor market.

Please, take the time to stop by the deanship, as the staff and I are here to help you get the most from your time as a student at the University of Zalingei. Our website is designed to offer a preview of the many services and programs you can access through the deanship. You can also e-mail me at with questions, concerns, or to schedule a time to come by and visit. I wish you the excellence and success required to serve this great nation.